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Become a more efficient and productive individual with a system that organizes your entire business.

+90 freelancers are already using this system.

Forget about having everything on different platforms and centralize it in a tool that helps you automate processes and work as a team.

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If that's what your day looks like as a freelancer:

You waste time creating quotes, writing contracts, attending to clients, organizing tasks, and managing your finances.
You spend the whole day on your clients' projects and have no time for yourself, let alone time to build a team and train them.
You want to trust that other professionals you collaborate with will do their job well, but past bad experiences have taught you otherwise.
You eagerly look forward to having a day off to focus on learning business strategies and how to lead teams, but when the day arrives, you end up using it to finish tasks that eat away at your time.
For Notion

Then this system is
for you.

This tool will help you become a more organized freelancer and build an agency in a structured way.

You will achieve:
You will achieve:
Save time
Quickly manage documents for your clients with ready-to-use brief templates, contracts, and quotes.
Organize yourself
Get a clear and defined workflow, from the first contact to the final project delivery.
Create all recurring tasks for your services and project documents with just one click.
Track the status of your projects from any device: cellphone, tablet, or laptop.

What you need is a roadmap to help you navigate the journey from freelance designer to agency owner.

The path from freelance designer to agency owner can be chaotic when you lack clarity about your workflow.

During the first years of working as a freelancer, I didn't know how to solve the disorder in my agency because I was working on my clients' projects all day long and had no time for myself.

Transitioning from being the jack-of-all-trades in the agency to becoming a business owner requires a lot of organization and documentation.

If, like me, you have felt:
Overwhelmed by the number of pending tasks
Stagnant when seeing that my business and revenue aren't growing
Then this system is a product I wish I had when I started as a freelancer.
Then this system is a product I wish I had when I started as a freelancer.
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Start stepping away from day-to-day operations and focus on the strategic aspect of your business.

I know what it's like to be in your shoes, and I'm here to help you simplify your administrative tasks, optimize your productivity, and take your freelance business or agency ownership to the next level with a system that won't take you more than an hour to learn how to use.

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Start and Grow Your Business


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Tracking of tasks and projects

You'll gain the ability to organize your projects and tasks impeccably, tracking everything at a glance with just a few clicks.

You'll be able to handle more clients, organize your tasks by priorities, and even delegate them easily.

You'll feel immense relief by freeing yourself from mental burden and avoiding burnout, allowing you to focus on projects and the healthy growth of your business.

(Value $50)


Get ready to work!

With one click, create all the lists of recurring tasks to make your clients' project possible.

This allowed me to work with collaborators and easily assign them tasks to do.

(Value $40)

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Custumer Portal

Share with your clients a comprehensive dashboard where they'll find everything they need from the beginning to the end of the project.

Through a single link, they'll have access to the quotation, the brief, presentations, schedule, meeting minutes, final files, and much more.

This centralization of information will provide relief to your clients, who will appreciate having everything in one place and perceive you as a professional worthy of recommending to their friends.

(Value $60)


A ready brief with key questions to get to know your client.

By using this brief, you'll discover new ways to ask questions that will allow you to extract higher quality information.

You'll create your own customized system, tailored to your needs and aligned with your working style.

(Value $50)

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You'll have clear and professional quotation templates ready to modify and send to your clients.

It will take you minutes to adapt it, and you'll no longer spend days to give a response to the client.

(Value $30)


You'll have predefined contract templates that you can duplicate and customize, adapting the relevant data.

You'll reduce the stress associated with contract creation, knowing that this task will no longer be a heavy burden.

It's always important to seek the advice of a specialist and use these templates as a reference.

(Value $150)

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All of this has a market value of: ̶$̶3̶5̶0̶

However, if you make the decision to enroll now, you can implement this system in your business for a one-time payment of:


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My purpose is to help you succeed as a freelancer and save you time by not making the mistakes I made.

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Hire people or delegate tasks
Start delegating tasks easily, our system provides each team member with their own space for project and task tracking, facilitating collaboration and file sharing.
Have defined work processes
Having a clear pathway for each service makes all the difference. It facilitates teamwork and allows you to identify areas for improvement.
Enhance your clients' experience
With our system, you can provide your clients with a personalized portal. There they will have all the information about the process and the necessary files to start.
Organize your business in one place
With everything in one tool, total control of your business is easy. Simplify your life and take the reins with confidence.
Get a documents guide
You will have access to our key documents: quotes, contracts, and our brief template. Everything you need to have a clear pathway.
Project a more professional image
You will have total clarity in your process. This will give you the confidence and security to attract high-quality clients.
For Notion

Recover the
freedom of time, avoid burnout, and find the balance between life and work.

Charge more for your services and grow your agency.

Ultimate Freelance System

$49/ One payment

In summary you will get

Task and project tracking
Client portal
Contract templates
Brief templates
Branding project templates
Web project templates
Project roadmap valued at $2,800
+100 Tools
All future updates
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Be part of a community of over 90 freelance designers and developers who are scaling their own businesses and those of their clients.

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Surely you're wondering...

After making the purchase, you will receive a link to duplicate the From Freelancer to Pro template to your Notion workspace. If it's your first time using Notion, you will be asked to create an account.

Not necessarily. Notion is free for students and teachers.

If you have an institutional email (.edu), you can access the benefits of the Plus plan without paying for the tool.

If you manage to close one more sale thanks to this system (which I'm sure is entirely possible) and charge fair prices for your work, I assure you that you will have recouped your investment.

At Paradox Studio, this system has allowed us to grow and charge projects above $2,800. The cost of the template represents less than 2% of what you could potentially charge.

If you still have questions about how to use the system, send me an email at [email protected]. I'm here to help you.

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